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Off-Grid Energy Systems - German technology at it's best

I'm Tristan from Hilltop View Dairy located

in Inman Valley, just out of Victor Harbour

on the Flueurieu Peninsular.


We were spending up to around $6,800 per

month on our power bills for our dairy. We run

500 cows. 


After having our system installed, we've brought that back to around $3,000 a month and decreasing slowly as well using our 160KW system.

Why I chose to use Sivcorp Energy & Water is because they gave me the best value for what I wanted. In time, I want to be able to put batteries on so that I can be self-sufficient so we're not relying on the grid.


Tristan Mulhern,

Hilltop View Dairy

Inman Valley, South Australia

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G'Day I'm Kym from Petite Provence. My wife Bridgette and I moved to Kangaroo Island and now we are living a sustainable lifestyle.


We are completely off-grid using just rainwater and our off-grid solar energy system for our little farm-gate shop and enterprise. All the ingredients we grow here on our property. 

With our control centre for our lithium-ion battery system setup and solar for our house and farm shop so this is where it all happens.

Our 6.0KW complete off-grid solar energy system that we had supplied and installed by Sivcorp Energy & Water serves ours purposes for out domestic and also our farm-gate shop and enterprise. It works really, really well and we are very happy.


Kym & Bridgette Bruce,

Petite Provence

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

I'm Liz-Russell Pearce. My husband and I live north or Wentworth on 540 acres on the Darling River.

We decided to go off-grid because it was time to find our retirement place. We wanted to be self-reliant because utilities were going up and up and up. To get power to our block was beyond our capabilities so the solar has worked out exceptionally well.

It's our little system and it runs everything that we need to run our house. We have no bills which is an absolute bonus.

We chose to go with Sivcorp because after many trial and hiccups with other solar companies, we had a friend who told us about Sivcorp. So we got in touch with Marc and it was the easiest transaction I've ever done in my life. Other companies just seemed to overdo whereas Sivcorp were very practical and just worked out exactly what we needed and it was in and done before we knew it.

David & Liz Pearce

Wentworth, New South Wales

We were looking for a cheaper alternative than to connect to the grid and save on utility bills. Also the opportunity to live a free life so we decided to go off-grid and not worry about any commitments financially.

We found Sivcorp by searching online and there's many suppliers out there of solar companies in the industry so there were many to choose from and everyone had their own sales pitch and what they can recommend. But for me, I was looking for someone that had the best service and most importantly had the best back-up service.

We've been living 100% off-grid for 3 years now and we've had no problems with our system. We have normal appliances including washing machine, dishwasher etc. and it's all been running really, really smoothly.hat we needed and it was in and done before we knew it.

Will & Mischa Godward

St Ives, South Australia

We are Deb & Bryan Saunders and we live totally off the grid in Mannum. We've been here about 4 years and have been off-grid the whole time, but it's much better now.

We had an original 3.50KW using the flooded lead-acid batteries and their performance was less than good.  Now, through Sivcorp, we are using the new Lithium Ion batteries and we're not looking back.  It's been great.

We've never lost power and haven't had to use the generator since.

Our dealings with Sivcorp have been brilliant! We have been most impressed, always got back to us quickly, the installers were efficient, they were on time, they brought all their own stuff, friendly and got on with the job. They were happy to explain it all to us.

Deb & Bryan Saunders

Mannum, South Australia

SMA & BYD Lithium Ion Battery Storage

The German made SMA, Sunny Island system is combined with Lithium Ion batteries to provide an industry leading storage solution for residents and businesses that do not wish to rely on the public grid connection. Our batteries not only provides a longer life solution than lead-acid technology, they are more resistant to the effects of temperature, charge more quickly and deliver energy rapidly to meet the demands of a modern off-grid applications.  

Our premium off-grid solar energy solutions will provide reliable power in the event of public grid failures such as black-outs and browns outs.  Homes and business owners will be independent from future energy price rises and allows them to supply their own premises with clean and uninterrupted power locally from their own rooftop.

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A key pillar of our complete off-grid SMA Solar Energy System is the adaptable solution for new and existing systems and keeps generated solar energy on reserve until it is needed in the premises. 


With great flexibility in terms of storage capacity and plant power, our SMA systems offer the ideal solution for high self-consumption and intelligent energy management for nearly all applications.

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